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15 Incredible Art of Gymnastics! (15 Images)

There is one thing that you would expect all gymnasts to be – flexible and agile. But will these alone guarantee them success in the sport? Well, not quite so as one has to balance this out with creativity, the presence of mind and also the need of the hour in the sport. Like all other sports gymnasts also need to plan out their moves and even perform based on how other competitors are putting up the show. It is quite a challenge in a sport which is as much about art as it is about physical endurance and being able to measure even the smallest of hand a feet movement and pull off a great show. Here in this feature, we take a look at the art of Gymnastics from up close and also discuss some of the most popular gymnastic moves and take a look at some of the best gymnasts in the world perform them.

Front Handspring

artistic gymnastics

Artistic Gymnasts often deny the standard motor actions of a human body. And even by the standard of exceptional skills and techniques that go into competing in the different disciplines, performing on the beam is considered one of the toughest. Jumps, turns, and leaps are all part of this training, and we see stunning moves on a band that is only 10 cm in width and 5 meters in length. Here in this image, we have Betancur Escobar Ginna from Colombia who is seen performing a Front Handspring to finish her show on the balance beam. This image was shot during Artistic Gymnastics World Championships’ qualification round at Montreal’s famous Olympic stadium. While Betancur impressed spectators with her performance, it wasn’t enough to help her earn a place in the final round.

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