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Most Awkward Background Fails in Bathroom (20 Images)

Perhaps washrooms or toilets is the place where the girls carry out all the experiments, trials, and errors to discover their beauty. The mobile is always there to help you with a selfie with different poses to find the best in you. But most of the time we are so careless that we forget the world around. Though we are clicking our photos but also capture a lot of interesting and embarrassing situations in the background or even on ourselves. We just go ahead and share our picture for the world to know hidden beauty. Here we bring to you some of those pictures which are much more than a selfie.

Caught by Mom

bathroom selfie

In the modern smartphone era, self-portraits aka selfies are the general thing to see on the internet. And we all have taken embarrassing selfies that we are not proud of. This selfie is one of those. As you are trying to look sensuous and desirable by pulling up your skirt and taking a selfie of yourself, your mom peeks through the door, and moreover, you are unaware of your mom looking at you. You keep taking selfies and make a fool out of yourself. This picture is an excellent example of how you can embarrass yourself.

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