Awkward Photos Captured On Train (7 Images)

Do you get bored while having a journey by train? Do you sometimes face some weird and awkward situation? Sometimes you do and sometimes not. But if you see the following pictures, you will be sure that journeys can be fun and awkward at the same time. It will blow your time away if you ever get to face this time of situations. Journey on a public train is the interesting thing. They are most of the time dull, then if you get to see stuff like this consider yourself lucky. So take out a camera and capture the moment forever.

The Bodybuilder


We often have to face ridiculous and peculiar people doing weird stuff. This picture is an excellent example of that. It is public transport, and it seems that this guy is doing push-ups in the middle of the passenger train. Of all the places he could be training and doing push-ups, he chose the busy public train to do his work out. But now a day people are so busy with their life; they are not amused by the guys to work out session.

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