Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

It is common among all professional websites to have cookies. So what is cookie? Cookies are the tiny files that are saved on your computer or any other electronic devices from which you access the website. These little files help to improve your experience of using the website. Once you login a website the files start to get saved on your computer. The sites you access and overall uses get stored in the file called cookies. So next time you login your experience will be faster and smooth, as your favorite things are saved for you.

Disabling Cookies

But you can also disable these cookies. You can disable it from your browser. This will make the recommended option to go away. So every time you login to that website it would be as if it were your first time. But be aware that, when you decide to disable the cookies, the effect will clearly fall upon some of functionalities of websites which you probably visit. If you are disabling cookies, it will certainly drag some important features and attached functions with it. So if you don’t want that, then never disable the cookies.

Third Party Cookies

Often third party produces cookies to help in special cases. The following part explains which third party cookies you might have to face in this site. Google Analytics is one of the most trusted and popular analytics solutions on this website that helps you to understand, how exactly you can use this website and the how you level of experience would go along with this. These cookies are created to sum up various things, like how much time you have spent on this website and also the pages you visit. That way we can continue to help you with recommended and helpful content. In case for more knowledge and information about Google Analytics cookies, it would be sites gratitude if you visit the Analytic page. We use to measure and track the usage of the website by the third party cookies. That helps us to recommend you many engaging contents that otherwise you might not have found so easily. So these cookies are the tools to make your stay and experience of our website browsing helpful and easy. From time to time subtle changes are made to the site.

During or after the changes to the website these cookies are a great help to re log you to your fullest experience without any delay. So it remains faster as well as better. So cookies are important for both the user and the manager of the website. Especially for a business website which is involved in selling things online. It is important for the website manager to learn what the users like and what they do not like. The Google Ad Sense service is used to serve the advertising use. This serves relevant ads all across the website and also it is responsible for limiting the number of ads.

If you need more information on the Ad Sense, visit the official Google Ad Sense privacy FAQ. These ads fund the website so that the site managers can make sure your time on the website is a pleasant one. For more information about cookies please visit on