15 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Ever!!! (15 Images)

From the early period, celebrities have been the iconic models for the mass people. But sometimes these celebrities become the victim of embarrassment and turn into the laughing stock of their fans. Due to the camera, they cannot even hide their embarrassing situations from getting viral. Since almost all of them usually enjoy flaunting their beauties, they attire some exposing garments, and consequently accidents happen, and they get embarrassed in public.

Jennifer’s Oscar Fall

This picture seems quite familiar, doesn’t it? Where was this taken? Oh, I can remember! This is Jennifer’s Oscar Fall. How could that be forgettable? It was in 2013 when she was attending the Oscar award show, and her name was announced for the Oscar award in the best actress category. When she was walking up to the stage to receive the award she stumbled and fell. But without making delay, she stood up quickly. We don’t know, but maybe she was a little nervous. Whatever the reason is, that was quite embarrassing, and she also has admitted that.

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