10 Most Gorgeous Bond Girls: Then And Now (10 Images)

They are known as the Bond Girls! Since the famous “James Bond” series came into appearance as movies, it was quite a significant matter always to predict who will be the Bond Girls. There were always some customary and similar conditions for being a Bond Girl. The actresses should be beautiful, bold, and sensuous. They must have a killer look to hold the aura of the Bond Girl image. The following girls have proved themselves, and they have got so much popularity after that. Let’s find out what they did and what they are up to.

Bibi Dahl


Lynn Hally Johnson is the one who played the role “Bibi Dahl” in “For your eyes only” in 1981. She played the character as an ice skater. She was not very old at that time. This beautiful and stunning Bond Girl is not active since 2009. She is still bold and beautiful.

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