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15 Interesting Facts About Dubai! (15 Images)

Dubai is one of the fascinating cities in the world. It has a rich culture and exciting lifestyle to the delight of the tourists. Here, you can be amazed several times a day. From wild exotic animals to unusual gold items, everything is possible in Dubai. People are gracious, and the prospects are endless. The locals are very welcoming toward foreigners, and the mixture of cultures is making Dubai a unique place. But what shocks the most is the level of wealth that can be found here. Money and their potential can be seen all over Dubai’s streets, from the cars to the houses and stores. Let’s take a look and see what the 15 funniest facts about Dubai are!

Camel Beauty Contests

interesting facts about Dubai

Camel Beauty contests take place yearly in Dubai, and they are incredibly popular. Camels are part of the Arabian culture, and they are cherished for hundreds of years. Camel beauty contests are divided into several categories. The most popular ones are “two years old virgin female camels,” “pregnant female camels” and “five years old or older male camels.” The most beautiful camel wins. The scores are given around camels’ head, neck, and hump but also their posture. The hair of the camels is also noticed and graded. When a camel is picked from the crowd, it is dusted in saffron. The camel contests are the most popular ones in Dubai, and a lot of funds are invested in them. It is a great honor for the owner to win such a contest!

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