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Modern Technologies Which Are Changing Our Lives (7 Images)

Modern world and technology are nowadays a relative term. If we are called modern, then definitely technology made us so. People have used their hard work and creative thinking to create new devices to help the world. There are several modern technologies which have been helping us since centuries now. Some of them are described here.

Grid Computing


Grid computing is known for solving serious or complex problem. It is basically a huge of number of computers which are connected through a distributed architecture. The computers are located in different places and from multiple goals it reaches to a local goal. These grids are large in size. This is also called a parallel computing which actually relies on a complete computer like it should have CPUs, storage, power supplies, network interfaces. It is sometimes connected directly or through scheduled time. It has brought the evaluation of networking and solving the matters. The computers must be put into a certain geographical location and from there they work for solution.

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