Foods Which You Want To Try Atleast Once in Your Life (6 Images)

Domenico Crolla’s Pizza Royale 007

Typically pizza is a low-spending supper as it is extremely well known among the young’s and the poor. Have you ever considered such a pizza, which will cost you $4200? Already it was $3700. In any case, this is named after James Bond, British Super Agent. Culinary expert Domenico Crolla has made this pizza with all the most exorbitant fixings like lobster marinated in 100-year-old cognac; caviar absorbed champagne, sunblush-tomato sauce, Scottish smoked salmon, venison emblems, prosciutto, and vintage balsamic vinegar. Notwithstanding all these fine fixings, it’s finished with a lot of eatable 24-carat gold chips.

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